About Me

I am Khushi Hossain. I love to eat food from a very young age, My love for food draws me to my cooking. Day after day, experimenting with food and making new dishes became my hobby.


I love to cook and share it with everyone, My food is very popular with people of all ages & Kids like it the most. My food is fresh, mustard, seasonal, authentic, salty, spicy, sweet, and also sometimes cheese and sometimes buttery.


From this love of food now I started creating new food, blogging about food, creating content.

Why I started

The real reason for doing this is to prepare food in healthy and taste at a very cool time. In our real life, it is not possible to cook for a long time. 


For which we depend on fast food which is very risky for our health. So I will try my best to make this blog which is very easy, how to cook with fewer ingredients and less time.